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What is TOEFL ?

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TOEFL - Whys and Wherefores

What does TOEFL stand for?

TOEFL stands for the Test of English as Foreign Language. The test is developed by the Education Testing Services (ETC) and is currently used by over 6,000 academic institutions in more than 110 countries.

What is the TOEFL?

Simply put, TOEFL is an English proficiency test. In this test, you must read, listen, speak and write in English.

What is TOEFL used for?

Universities use it as proof of a student's English proficiency - it helps determines how well you will be able to understand and learn with instruction in the English language. TOEFL an important part of your application process if you want to study abroad.

Is the TOEFL 2012 necessary for me?

Students take the TOEFL to prove that they have the English skills necessary to study at the school they wish to enroll in.

If English is not your native language, schools are likely to ask for your most recent TOEFL score. This is to help them determine your academic and language background.

If English is not your native language, but you have spent at least the last 5 years studying at an institution where English was the main language of instruction, you are likely to be exempted from TOEFL testing. It is important to check the admissions requirements of your school you are applying to!
Why should I take the TOEFL?

Taking this standardized test and showing your TOEFL score on a school application proves that your sutdies in the university will not be hampered by the lack of language skills. A high TOEFL score shows that you will be able to understand the concepts given to you in English. Please note that schools only consider your most recent score.
How many times can I re-take the TOEFL?

You may take the retake the TOEFL as many times as you wish, but no more than one time in seven days. For example, if you take the test on July 1, 20012, you have to wait until July 8, 2012, to try again. Schools only consider your most recent score.

Does the TOEFL have any prerequisites or qualifications?
No, not officially. But you should be comfortable with speaking and understanding English. You can also prepare by having a tutor or going to English classes. On the day of the test, make sure you bring valid identification with your name, signature and photograph, as well as your registration number or admission ticket.
Testing and Scoring

You can take the test as a Paper-based test (PBT) or as an Internet-based test (iBT).

An TOEFL iBT is the most common method used. Paper is only used if the other option is not available. A description of both types of tests are explained below.

How will I be scored on the Paper-based test?

You will get a combined score and a separate essay score. The combined score based on your percentages in the first 3 sections: listening, structure and written expression and reading and will range from 310 to 677. The written essay score will lie between 0 and 6.

How will I be scored on the Internet-based test?

Each section of the Internet-based test has a score range from 0 to 30. Therefore, the 4 sections are combined to give you a total possible score of 120. This new scoring method allows test takers to note areas of strength and areas of needed improvement.

How do I prepare for the TOEFL?

Preparing for the TOEFL has never been this easy. LearnHub has a vast pool of test prep resources and information on it's TOEFL Community:
  • A number of lessons which cover the TOEFL curriculum
  • Lessons providing further information on preparing for the test
  • Discussions where community members clear doubts and help users with their queries
  • Tests for helping members judge their level of preparation
  • Question bank with a huge number of practice questions and a timing tool
All these resources are a testament to LearnHub's commitment to provide students with the worlds best, online and free test prep resources. Accessing them is extremely simple - all you have to do is to Sign Up!

List of TOEFL Prep Resources available on LearnHub

TOEFL - The Basics
Registering for the TOEFL
TOEFL iBT in Depth: Reading
TOEFL Overview
TOEFL-iBT Delivery, Scoring & Results
TOEFL iBT: Speaking Scoring Rubric
TOEFL-PBT Delivery, Scoring & Results

Access these lessons by joining the TOEFL Community now!

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Access these lessons by joining the TOEFL Community now!

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